Congratulations to the Inaugural Cohort of the GCI Practitioners (2021)!

We celebrate each one of you for being courageous and signing up for the inaugural class of the GCI Practitioner program

Nicholas Wambugu Maina


This training has enhanced my coaching capability and has taught me that coaching is a continuous journey, and it’s really enhanced my coaching credibility. I asked myself; am I exhibiting these same skills that I’m asking people to develop? So, it’s been a great mirror internally, on my own and with my employees.

Mary M’Mukindia

Leadership Trainer Independent Consultant

I wanted to enhance my profile as somebody who’s an expert and saw how innovative this tool was and I could see it benefiting me. After my practicum, I was able to validate my earlier perception that this is going to be a revolutionary and innovative coaching assessment and embedding tool.

Isabel  Blanchette Dimbane-Zucule

Legal Advisor
Independent Consultant

As a new coach I saw this as a great  opportunity to reposition myself in the coaching world. This tool enabled me to listen, reason and communicate. The tool will help leaders to assess their coaching leadership style and the affairs in the organization.

Catherine Tole

Lead Consultant Erin Consulting

I believe that leading with a coaching disposition is the catalyst to transformational leadership. This tool will enable organisations assess and build the coaching capability of their leaders.

Dr. David Thuku, ACC President International Coaching Federation

It is exciting to see how this tool is being developed in the continent and I really wanted to be part of the initial group that would unpack it. I have gotten the chance to work with wonderful coaches and even met others outside the Kenyan boundaries. I realized that learning never ends.

David O. Sijenyi

Regional Director for Africa The Alpha Group International

I saw potential to get a tool that would help me assess where an organization was as far as coaching was concerned from the get-go. I took this opportunity to add value to my coaching proposition and it has allowed me then to experience real fun in the right space with the right profession.

Claire Wanjiku

Director Vital Edge Consulting

The GCI tool is one of its kind. It transcends coaching to other diverse organisational interventions. Its potential is unlimited. As a GCI Practitioner, I feel well equipped to help leaders and organisations measure coaching results and overall transformation at the individual, team, and organizational levels.

Evelyne Munyoki

HR Leader and Executive Leadership Coach

This tool is something that is going to multiply impact across the continent. I felt that I needed to invest in myself and in the future. This is part of my journey as I transition to more executive leadership roles and support other leaders succeed in their leadership journeys.

Doreen Baffoe

Lead Coach & Trainer Branchout Africa

This tool allows leaders to shift the conversation on leadership in their organization in such a way that it shifts the right dial for the cultural transformation needed for organizational effectiveness. The icing on the cake is that it’s developed right here in the continent and by a woman too. It checks all the boxes for me.

Loice Tsitsi Maradze

Organization Development Consultant

I saw this as an opportunity to deepen my understanding and appreciation for the current tends around coaching as an organization development professional. I believe in nurturing authentic processes, and I have found all that in this space. With this global tool being born and bred in Africa, I am sure it will grow and expand into the continent and across the globe. My return on this investment is to embed this experience into my consultancy practice with the clear framework I have been given.

Seintje Veldhuis

Regional Director Africa Feed the Children

As the transformations in leadership take place through coaching, we now can measure where you are, and where you want to be through Global Coaching Index System.

Michael O. Oyier

Lead Consultant and Director Serenity Group Limited 

I feel honored that I am part of the first cohort of GCI and that is something I hold with great esteem. I can see a new possibility. I believe that this tool will grow in ways beyond imagination. 

Mercy Njoroge

CEO and Founder Broad Horizons Ltd

This program enabled me to sharpen my skills and to do it proficiently. My highlight is the opportunity for growth and a confidence boost as a coach. There was heightened awareness of what leaders are facing daily. I love the new lenses I am wearing that enable me to see the world of coaching clearly. 

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