The Global Leadership & Coaching Index (GLCI) Practitioner Program is an advanced coaching mastery program accredited by the International Coaching Federation (ICF), and developed by Eileen Laskar, the brain behind the GLCI system. The program has a total of 36 Continuing Coach Education (CCE) units, and is uniquely designed to develop, equip and multiply certified GLCI practitioner coaches who can effectively administer the GLCI assessment system globally.

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31st August 2022

Why become a Global Leadership & Coaching Index (GLCI) Practitioner?

For External Organizational Coaches:

Becoming a GLCI practitioner certification positions you as a global partner and expert for organizations seeking to embed coaching and empower their leaders to become the internal coaches for their teams. The GLCI practitioner certification does not only give you international credibility but also a passcode to the next level of leadership and coaching impact, transformation, and business opportunities.

For Internal Organizational Coaches:

As an internal coach, this GLCI practitioner certification empowers and equips you to facilitate a progressive entrenchment of the coaching culture in your organization.

With this certification, you will be able to:

  1. Position yourself as an organizational coaching expert.
  2. Support organizations to measure their Leadership and Coaching Index.
  3. Create coaching development plans for leaders based on their Leadership & Coaching Index (LCI)
  4. Develop systematic leadership and coaching development plans for organizations based on the Organizational Leadership & Coaching Index (OLCI)
  5. Measure the impact of your leadership and coaching work which further builds on your credibility and offers a platform for next-level interventions.
  6. Create a new recurring revenue line for your business.
  7. Integrate the Global Leadership & Coaching Index system with your existing training and coaching initiatives for greater impact.

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Global Leadership & Coaching Index (GLCI) Practitioner Program

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